For Boston

 Another blog entry was planned for today, but I don’t feel right about posting it. For those of you who don’t know, Massachusetts is my home state, Boston is a city I know very, very well and the news I woke up to this morning was simply shocking. I love that city and it’s a place I’ve been proud to call my home; a city I always feel welcome coming back to. My heart aches for the city today and rather than talk about food, a little “moment of silence” is necessary.

Boston is in my heart…boston

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  1. Holly I hope all of your loved ones are safe. We heard about it late last night and are just shocked at this horrible attack. So sad. Hugs

  2. Mom

    A sad day for our city. We are reminded once again what a crazy, dangerous world this is with crazy, dangerous people. Thanks for your nice post.

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